Making Homemade Wedding Invitations – Making homemade wedding invitations can make for a unique invitation set. Handmade invitations allow you to express your creative side and allow you to use a variety of styles and techniques you will not find at your local print shop. However, if you are not

Dealing With Conflict at Your Childs Wedding – For most of us, a child’s wedding is the celebration of a lifetime. He or she is in love and on cloud 9, and everyone is all a-dither having fun with the wedding plans. At the same time, everybody’s stress level is

Unfortunately, there are plenty of pitfalls when it comes to choosing a caterer. Some are issues related to the quality of the caterer; others are simple misunderstandings. Through proper planning and attention to detail, most negative issues can be avoided. The following ten tips will go a long way in

Keys to Planning a Wedding At Home – Weddings are like real estate. In that, the most important thing is location. With a traditional marriage, there are two places that have to be established: the church, for the ceremony, and the place where the reception takes place. Planning a wedding

Most people find that choosing the perfect season for their special day to be particularly challenging. Some want the summer because of the bright, fresh colors and beautiful gardens available for pictures outdoors. Some like the fall it’s cool enough outdoors, and the rustic look of the leaves on the