Wedding Dress Design – One thing that every woman will agree with, is that they want their wedding day to be perfect. It is such a special day, and everything needs to be just right for the guests to the venue, and of course the wedding dress design. No bride

Old and New Wedding Etiquettes – Let’s find out the old wedding etiquettes that transform into new ones; some traditional things do need to change as time goes by. And the list is as follow: The Wedding Expenses Old: It’s the bride’s family that usually pay for the marriage expenses.

Wedding Invitation Ideas For You – Your wedding invitations are special invitations that will announce to all of your friends and family that you want them to share in the most special day of your life. This is why it’s important that you pick out just the right invitation that

Making Homemade Wedding Invitations – Making homemade wedding invitations can make for a unique invitation set. Handmade invitations allow you to express your creative side and allow you to use a variety of styles and techniques you will not find at your local print shop. However, if you are not

Dealing With Conflict at Your Childs Wedding – For most of us, a child’s wedding is the celebration of a lifetime. He or she is in love and on cloud 9, and everyone is all a-dither having fun with the wedding plans. At the same time, everybody’s stress level is