The Easy Way to Make Your Danish Butter Cookies at Home

The Easy Way to Make Your Danish Butter Cookies at Home

Entering the holy month of Ramadan, some of us may have begun to prepare ourselves, not only to do fasting and to get closer to God but also to make their snacks or cakes that will be served on Eid al-Fitr Day. Making Eid cakes, as if it has become an ancestral tradition that has been very inherent in the daily life of our society. No wonder when entering the last week of the fasting month, various scents of cake began to smell in almost every home.

Danish Butter Cookies become one of the favorite cakes that are often made by the people of Indonesia. Even though it comes from the country of Denmark, Butter cookies have become a snack that is quite familiar with the tongue of the Indonesian people. Its crispy texture and savory taste make many people like this one. Arguably, the flower cake we used to make before Eid al-Fitr was inspired by Danish Butter Cookies.

Well, for those of you who are interested in making your Danish Butter Cookies at home, you can follow the following recipe.

Danish Butter Cookies recipes

Before starting to make it, prepare some of the following cake ingredients:

  1. 100gr Flours with a low protein
  2. 1 large/medium sized chicken egg
  3. 100gr refined sugar
  4. 50gr full cream milk powder (can use milk sachets)
  5. 100gr unsalted butter
  6. 100gr salted butter
  7. one teaspoon of vanilla extract


You can also add raisins and dried grated coconut.

If all of the above material is available, now is the time to start making it.

1. Put salted butter, unsalted butter, and refined sugar into a mixing bowl. Then mixer until it becomes cream cheese.


2. If it already looks like cream cheese, put chicken eggs and vanilla extract into a mixing bowl. Beat until evenly mixed.

3. If you have, add milk and flour little by little until well blended.

4. Well, if it is, the dough is ready to shape

5. Prepare a cone-shaped cake mold. Don’t forget to coat the inside with plastic. So that the cookie dough does not stick to the cake mold.

6. If you have already, please add the dough to the cake mold. Shape it according to your taste in a baking sheet that has been coated in margarine, or covered with baking paper.

7. If the baking sheet is full, please bake the cake mixture until it is cooked and has a slightly brownish color.

Well, it’s easy.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s create your Danish Butter Cookies.


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