Wedding Photography Tips And Tricks

Wedding Photography

Talking to the Bride & Groom: The first thing l did, was talk to the bride and groom and get some idea of what their plans were and what their expectations were. Don’t be afraid to take a pad & pen and write all this stuff down. Make a check-list of venue, address, and schedule for all the different aspects of the day. There should be a clear plan of what time the bride will be getting ready, what time

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Big List of The Trending and Everlasting Popular Wedding Song’s

Your wedding is your own. You can have any music type or style you choose. Music is an essential part of your wedding day. We have created an extensive library of wedding music to make your wedding a fun filled, day to remember. Selecting the right wedding music can take a lot of time and effort. So, I can help you find the music you want on your big day! In this post, you will find a big list of

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How to Get a Boyfriend That Won’t Waste Your Precious Time

Travelling Together

Okay, so you may be wondering how to get a boyfriend, am I right? Well, the first thing you might want to consider is what do you want a boyfriend for in the first place? Seriously, this isn’t a ridiculous question. The more you understand why it is you want a boyfriend, the easier it’s going to be for you to attract the kind of guy that will offer you the kind of RELATIONSHIP that will FULFILL you. Frankly, if

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