Wedding Dress Design

Wedding Dress Design
Wedding Dress Design

Wedding Dress Design – One thing that every woman will agree with, is that they want their wedding day to be perfect. It is such a special day, and everything needs to be just right for the guests to the venue, and of course the wedding dress design.

No bride wants to look less than her absolute best on her wedding day, and choosing the right wedding dress design that will suit your body shape is an important part of getting this all right. Your wedding dress needs to make the most of your figure unfortunately not every dress suits every body shape. A bride will want to pick out a wedding dress design that shows off her best parts and detracts from the bits she is not too happy.

Here are a couple of ideas to help you choose your wedding dress design;

Wedding Dress Design - Petite Bride
Wedding Dress Design – Petite Bride

If you are petite or if you are full figured, you may be better looking for a dress of marriage that has an A-line skirt. On a full figured bride this style will help to create a slimmer silhouette, and with a petite bride, this design would give an illusion of height.

Wedding Dress Design - Bottom Half
Wedding Dress Design – Bottom Half

If it is your bottom half that is full figured, then you would be best looking for a model that is more fitted on the upper body this way you are drawing everyone’s attention to your top half, rather than lower down.

Wedding Dress Design - a Larger Bust
Wedding Dress Design – a Larger Bust

If you are a bride that has a larger bust, then you are better to keep away from strapless dresses, partly because you may need the support from a dress with straps, and partly because a strapless wedding dress will just draw attention to your bust.

Necklines also play an important part in choosing your wedding dress design, as you can use a neckline to accentuate your shoulder, bust, collarbones or neck or it can be used to hide certain areas. For instance, a bride with a slightly fuller bust would be able to wear a sweetheart neckline, and this style can also be used to create a bust for those that are not so well endowed.

Wedding Dress Design - Draw Attention to Your Shoulders
Wedding Dress Design – Draw Attention to Your Shoulders

If your aim is to draw attention to your shoulders or your collarbones, then choose a wedding dress style that either has an off the shoulder neckline or an asymmetrical top. You would not, however, choose these designs if you had very broad shoulders. A halter neckline on your wedding dress, on the other hand, would work well to accentuate the shoulders for such women and also those brides with a fuller bustline.

Certain types of necklines will go well with any body type these are a square neck or a scoop neck. You will find these two necklines on most dresses as they can suit almost everyone.

Remember when you are choosing your wedding dress design, it’s going to be you wearing it, not your guests! Regardless of what advice you receive and how much someone else loves the dress on you if you don’t feel comfortable in it, then don’t have it!


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