Four Thing’s You Should Never Do Yourself If You Are Planning a Wedding DIY

Planning a Wedding DIY
Planning a Wedding DIY

Four Thing’s You Should Never Do Yourself If You Are Planning a Wedding DIY – If you do things yourself in your marriage, you may save money. However, it could be a recipe for wedding DIY that spells disaster and leaves you with regrets. How can you get through a DIY wedding and still be a positive experience for you and your guests?

Limit what you are willing to do as far as wedding DIY is concerned. Be prepared to pay for some things and refuse to do them yourself. For example, one bride did not just opt to have family members provide the music for her big day and hired a professional DJ. However, according to Wedding Ideas Magazine, she wished she had done more research before see him. He did not always play the right tunes for the occasion.

There are four things a bride should never waiver about having a professional do.

Hair – It is very hard to do your hair, so using this as a wedding DIY does not save you money. It may cause you frustration, as it is hard to get the true Hollywood ‘up on your own unless you have prior hairdressing experience. Some hairsprays do not provide the hold you think, and others can leave your hair looking exceptionally shiny and sticky when used to keep French twists and buns in place.

Opt to hire a professional and do not do this wedding all wedding DIY. A stylist is used to doing hair and can have your hair looking fabulous in half the time it may take you to achieve the same look! It depends on what you want to be done with your hair and how long your mane is. Expect to pay at least $80 for the privilege. If you cannot afford the cost, look into hiring a junior stylist.

Flowers – It may be tempting to make your flowers for your wedding. However, if you do plan a mostly do-it-yourself wedding, leave this off the wedding DIY list. Silk flowers may be just as expensive to make you may not be saving the money you think. Plus, it might take the time to make those bouquets you saw on Pinterest.


A florist can provide fresh flowers the day of your ceremony, so you do no0 t have to worry about any flowers wilting. If you choose flowers in season, the cost maybe at the same cost or a little cheaper than the fake flowers you were going to use for your wedding.

Chef – It may be cheaper than you think to hire a chef or caterer to prepare wedding foods that have your guests talking about your wedding, in a positive light, for weeks. The goal is to plan a DIY of marriage that does save you some money and reduce your headaches. A chef is in the latter category.

Preparing a meal may not be that hard. Now, multiply that number times two for every guest you have. Depending on the dish, it may mean a solid week of pie-baking alone! A chef likely can serve all your guests in a buffet-style setting for less than $100 a person for a guest list of 150 people. Another option is to hire your very own food truck to serve your guests for several hours. This is a great option if you are planning an outside wedding and the idea lends itself to your DIY theme well. You might be able to get special pricing if you can find a budding chef that is starting a business.

Planning and coordinating – You might be great type-A personality that has the compulsion to make lists and is great at planning events months ahead. However, a wedding is a moment you will remember for the rest of your life. Do you want to chance that you will remember everything that will make that wedding DIY lunch?

A marriage planner and coordinator can make the decisions that you may falter to make because he or she is not personally affected by a decision. Plus, when you see them in action, those wedding ideas that were in your head may not look so fantastic for your wedding day decorations, etc. Having a coordinator means you and the groom can relax, have fun, dance, and not worry about who is sitting next to Aunt Martha on your big day!


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