Keys to Planning a Wedding At Home

Keys to Planning a Wedding At Home
Keys to Planning a Wedding At Home

Keys to Planning a Wedding At Home – Weddings are like real estate. In that, the most important thing is location. With a traditional marriage, there are two places that have to be established: the church, for the ceremony, and the place where the reception takes place. Planning a wedding at home, however, can save you money and bring an element of comfort with a more personal touch.

When a wedding is held in the home, the added expenses of renting a church and a reception hall are eliminated. Planning a wedding at home is more family oriented, making the event more significant and meaningful.

Nowadays, people tend to organize at home both the religious ceremony and the reception. Be that as it may, there are a few things that should be considered when the couple chooses to arrange a wedding at home.

Those who want to have their weddings celebrated at home must first decide if it will be an outdoor or an indoor ceremony.

Consider the number of guests. Most homes can accommodate a small number of people, but a larger number can be invited if the event takes place outside. A home wedding should be a very intimate event that is spent only with the family and close friends.


Some furniture may need to be moved, and it may be necessary to rent more chairs. The couple may choose to stand in front of the fireplace, or they might rent an arch.

Of course, the decorations can be limited to a few vases of flowers, or a complete overhaul of the room, depending on the budget and personal taste.

A lovely landscaped yard is the perfect place for planning a wedding at home. The guest list won’t needs to be radically trimmed, and the event can turn into a marriage of dreams.

An outdoor wedding requires attention to the clothes of the bride and groom and the guests. It can still be an unusual event, but women should pay attention to the kind of shoes they wear. They should also not wear skirts that the slightest wind could raise.

When planning a wedding at home, in the garden or the courtyard there is also the risk of inclement weather. This is the reason why the bridal party should be prepared to move the ceremony in the house in case it rains.


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