Old and New Wedding Etiquettes

Old and New Wedding Etiquettes
Old and New Wedding Etiquettes

Old and New Wedding Etiquettes – Let’s find out the old wedding etiquettes that transform into new ones; some traditional things do need to change as time goes by. And the list is as follow:

The Wedding Expenses

Old: It’s the bride’s family that usually pay for the marriage expenses.

New: Both families share the wedding expenses, the even small affair can make a cost, so the family settles this in different ways. Even the couple themselves can pay for the cost. It is important for both parents to discuss the budget early to make sure everything goes well.

The Bridal Bouquet

Old: The scent carried by a bride must be white or very soft color.

New: The wife can pick and choose any color she wants, such as lavender, roses, any color that match the bride’s dress, or perhaps the favorite bride flowers. All colors are acceptable.

Wedding Dress Code

Old: Guests should wear black or white to a wedding.

New: You can wear any color just as long if it’s white, it doesn’t look like the marriage dress, you don’t want to beat the bride, they are queen for a day. If you wear black, don’t dress like you’re going to a funeral, consider the time of day too, location, and some rules made by the wedding couple.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Old: The limit of bridesmaids and groomsmen should not be more than six.


New: Bridesmaids/groomsmen have the responsibility of seating guests at the ceremony, so if you’re going to invite a lot of guests, you need more than six bridesmaids/groomsmen. It is okay to have groomsmen more than bridesmaids.

Choose The Mothers Dress

Old: The groom’s mother should choose the dress before the bride’s mother has chosen hers. And the mother of the bride should inform the mother of the groom of its styles so that they can match the dress.

New: They can pick the dress they like just as long they feel comfortable. The mothers don’t have to match the dress with each other, but it is common to discuss this each other, consider the time of day and the formality of the wedding.

Thank You Note

Old: All guests will receive hand written thank you note for their gifts.

New: You can still use handwritten thank you, write personal notes for them. But commonly you give the small gift for them in return e.g.: small photo frame, scented candle, wood/metal chopstick, etc.

Wedding Presents

Old: Household appliances usually come as wedding gifts.

New: Any gifts will do, just choose the gift that suits the personalities and the styles of both the bride and the groom. Gift registries are now the norm, its handy for the guests that don’t know about the couple. The nontraditional registry may come up, don’t be a surprise, mortgage payments, honeymoon in Paris might in the list.


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